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lululemon yoga see thru Sometimes the news should

ifying going on.]So what purpose did they serve? I could make the argument that the photos offer a powerful sense of closure, depicting the comeuppance of a bloody tyrant who killed innocents. I could as strongly make the argument that showing his maimed husk dragged through the streets makes him pathetic and risks generating sympathy that he doesn t deserve. I could argue that the evidence of his killing bolsters the Arab Spring or invites backlash against it.All of these arguments would be beside the point. The job of journalism at least of breaking-news reporting like this is not to determine what people should and should not feel and then work backward to produce the images that will engineer the ideal emotional response in the name of right thinking. It s not to try to encourage the right public reaction or head off a dangerous one (whereas that might be the entirely appropriate worry of a government). It is to get at the truth of what actually happened in an event.In this conspiracy-minded age, even photos and videos don t do that conclusively in themselves. What if someone dressed up a different corpse? What if the picture shows him wounded, not dead? What if it s Photoshopped? What if, what if? But the pictures are at least part of the chain of evidence, and even if they could be used more sparingly, in a story like this, the facts of death, and people s belief in them, are key to future events. (Of course, honestly, news organizations are just as likely to show the photos just because they can. As I wrote this post, I got a press releases from two news outlets claiming to have been the first to transmit images of the dead dictator.)A photo of a corpse is something more than just a data point. As a human being,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon yoga see thru[/url], I d like to think that we re disturbed by pictures of the dead even evil tyrants for good reason, because we recognize something sacred about life. (Which is a separate consideration from whether someone deserves to die.) Sometimes the news should, sparingly and with consideration, show dead bodies because news is also about conveying the enormity of events, the fact that wars and disasters are not abstract and bloodless.All of which is to say there is no single perfect answer; I know the power and value of these images, and I d rather not be ambushed by them. So I m writing this post as much to ask you: did you need the pix to tell you that it happened? Latest from our Partners  Parent Claims Anne Frank Is Too Pornographic For School  The Huffington PostWith Tuned In having been folded into TIME Entertainment, I ve been trying to decide which of the old blog features do and don t work in the new format—among them, The Morning After open-discussion posts for last night s TV. But because I like having that option—and don t have the time right now to post at more length—let s give it a try.The floor is yours, comments welcome in particular on: Man Up!, which I reviewed yesterday; Last Man Standing, still standing at ABC though the ratings were down last night; and The X Factor, which I swore off after around the 500th hour of auditions but will check in on soon now that it s down to the finals. (Semi-finals? Semi-semi-finals?)Also, feel free to weigh in on last night s Presidential debate,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon for men[/url], which I d also post on if I weren t deadline-occupied. Have you had enough yet, Tuned Inland? Latest from our Partners  Parent Claims Anne Frank Is Too Pornographic For School  The Huffington PostIn the same way that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight was a follow-up that expertly improved upon an already solid original, so too does Arkham City build a richer and more satisfying experience on the sturdy foundation of 2009’s Arkham Asylum.The story begins several months after the events of the first game. Arkham warden Quincy Sharp is now mayor of Gotham City and, under the influence of deranged genius Professor Hugo Strange,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lulu lemon outlet[/url], has erected a huge wall around a blighted section of town and turned it into a bizarre experiment in less-than-enlightened penology: Arkham City. Of course, it’s in this urban community of
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