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Vans Sk8 Hi Skull Black Justice has been served

actual show? Will Ryan Seacrest pedal a little bicycle to keep the lights on inside the theater?7:39 p.m.: I never watch commercials, so you ll have to tell me whether or not it s new, but Tina Fey s Amex commercial deserves an Emmy itself. Octopus time!7:44 p.m.: The Enrst Young accountant arrives in a Cadillac CTS, which as far as I know is not a hybrid. Stone him!7:49 p.m.: Is it me, or is the Fox self-promotional pimpage on the red carpet greater than usual? OK, I know Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are legitimate teevee stars,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Vans Sk8 Hi Skull Black[/url], but Joely Fisher? No offense, but I m assuming Til Death wasn t nominated for anything except Luckiest Avoidance of Cancellation.7:53 p.m.: Time to ready the inaugural beer. You ll have to excuse me.7:57 p.m.: World reknowned photographer Nigel Barker of ANTM shows up for the fashion postmortem. Everybody looks sensational ! Not so cutting when it s celebrities on the runway, are we? Next year, get Miss Jay instead.7:59 p.m.: Have we mentioned yet that the stage will be in the round ? Does that make any difference to the home viewer? Maybe if you arrange a bunch of TVs around you in a circle.8:01 p.m.: OK, the Family Guy number is funny enough rhyming Zach Braff with reminds us that a sitcom doesn t have to make you laugh but why does every Family Guy musical number sound exactly the same?8:03 p.m.: The Desperate Housewives look great for being 65 ! This, by the way, is the kind of sarcastic musical number that opens a lot of network upfronts and,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]high top vans[/url], as at an upfront, it pretty much makes fun of everyone but Fox.8:05 p.m.: Ryan meets Teri Hatcher. Not. Uncomfortable. At. All.8:07 p.m.: OK, so Ryan s not going to do a monologue or sing. But he did host the E! red-carpet show! So glad Fox picked him!8:09: Camera cuts to the giant disco ball in the middle of a Ray Romano joke, losing the audio. Another Sopranos reference?8:11 p.m.: Best Supporting Actor, Comedy I usually end up complaining when network shows win Emmys over cable series, but in this case I d have given it to Neil Patrick Harris over Jeremy Piven, not to take anything away from him. Ari Gold is a great character, but there was nothing that distinguished his work this season from last year, when he won.8:16 p.m.: Terry O Quinn! Justice has been served! But does Imperioli s shutout mean that The Sopranos is not going to sweep the way everyone expects it to?8:21 p.m.: People often tell Mrs. Tuned In that she looks like Mary-Louise Parker. Which is why I feel I can get away with saying at this moment: Day-amn! Mary-Louise Parker looks hot!8:23 p.m.: Time for Jenna Fischer to lost supporting actress, and for me to weep quietly.8:24 p.m.: Well, good for Jaime Pressly. Emmy has a thing for rewarding the writer actor/actress a year or two late, so Jenna can win next year. (Like Michael Emerson.) Meanwhile,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]vans sk8[/url], who knew Two and a Half Men was such an actress showcase?8:27 p.m.: You do not mispronounce the name of Katherine Heigl, Major Motion Picture Star. Meanwhile, Kyle Chandler is apparently under express orders not to speak.8:33 p.m.: Nice bit with Ellen DeGeneres and Hugh Laurie. But seriously are we going to see Ryan Seacrest again? Or is it like the All-Star Game, where he pitches an inning,[url=http://www.vanscheapshoesvans0.com]Womens Vans Cherry Authentic Lo Pro White[/url], and then there s a succession of people who actually should have started instead of him?8:37 p.m.: Supporting actress, drama well, they damn sure pronounced Major Motion Picture Star Katherine High-gle s name right this time. She s actually charming as all hell (though, really, girl, get a last name like Poniewozik and you ll get a little thcker skin about the pronunciation thing). But hands up who actually believes she s a better actress than Aida Turturro. And seriously two Sopranos upsets? Boston Legal may walk off with Best Drama yet.8:42 p.m.: The main reason to watch the Emmys each year is watching the short films for the comedy-writing Emmy. Team Colbert wins Best Clip, if not the actual award.8:53 p.m.: Alec Baldwin interrupts his personal sabbatical of soul-searching to hand out a very important variety-show directing award.8:55 p.m.: I can
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