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and toward Mexico, but others show it moving toward Louisiana. Nevertheless, meteorologists maintain that the Gulf of Mexico is experiencing warmer-than-normal temperatures making it ripe for hurricane formation. I can not emphasize enough that this storm will pose a serious threat to the all important efforts required to contain the country s worst oil spill disaster in history along with affecting operations across a large portion of the Gulf s energy production region, said Jim Rouiller, a senior energy meteorologist with Planalytics.Allen said the spill responders will act out of an abundance of caution, and could move in advance of a declaration from weather authorities about the storm s strength.But here s the really tricky thing: as Allen points out, the disconnection process takes so long that the Coast Guard and BP would likely have to move before forecasters are sure how strong a storm is and where it will be hitting. That could mean false alarms, especially in a hurricane season as active as this one—there are expected to be 14 to 23 named storms, and eight to 14 hurricanes. But the chances of the spill response getting through the season unharmed seems unlikely. Worse, the oil spill might even amplify storms—the black slick on the Gulf could heat up the waters (dark colors absorb more sunlight), and hotter water can equal stronger storms. Of course, it s also possible that the oil slick could actually calm a developing storm by suppressing some of the evaporation needed to build a hurricane. (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a great PDF factsheet on hurricanes and the storm—grab it here.)The reality is that we don t really know what will happen if a hurricane hits an active oil spill like this one, because it s never happened before. It could have some positive effects—the violence of the storm could disperse some of the fresh oil on the surface of the Gulf, aiding in its evaporation. The winds could drive the slick away from the shore; or, it could drive the oil onto the shore, which could be truly disastrous. If the storm pushes oil deep into the shore wetlands of Louisiana,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]mens yoga pants[/url], the damage could be unfixable—not to mention the fact that a storm would be hitting the coast at a time when natural barriers still haven t recovered fully from Katrina and Rita in 2005. The Gulf coast is like a boxer who s been knocked down so many times they ve become punchdrunk—another uppercut could do lasting damage.The good news is that as of Friday afternoon, forecasters believes that the storm was likely to miss the Gulf, passing to the West and hitting Mexico, as this graphic from accuweather.com shows:But given the fact that the spill and its tortured response seems to be following Murphy s Law—everything that can go wrong will—don t be surprised if the weather changes track. And if it doesn t—there s a lot of summer left.From TEDxOilSpill ExpeditionI m not by nature an optimistic person. If there s a dark side of the moon, or anything else, I ll usually find it, and my glasses only come half empty. Getting excited—not something you ll witness me doing very often. Maybe it s growing up a Philadelphia sports fan (the Eagles alone being enough to pummel the optimism out of any young heart), or too much Smiths at an impressionable age, or maybe I just suffer from a shortage of the right neurochemicals. But it means that if someone tells me things will get better,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lulu lemon outlet store[/url], well—I doubt it.And the environmental beat has not had salutary effect on my disposition. In one of the first pieces I ever wrote for TIME, a review of Peter Matthiessen s haunting 2002 book on endangered cranes,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lulu lemon victoria[/url], Birds of Heaven, I quoted a line from the naturalist Louis Crisler on the inextricable link between love [of the earth] and despair. It s easy to despair about the environmental—the existential threat of climate change, the steady erosion of wild places and wild things, the sense that day by day the world, our only world, lessens. That the best days have passed, and our best hope is to manage the decline.Take thatRelated articles:


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