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lululemon coats the mayor of Grand Isle in southern Louisiana

gan to do its work that they saw the wisdom of a temporary pause on deepwater drilling for safety s sake. Yet when they spoke to reporters this afternoon, they sounded less convinced. I come from this with a much clearer sense of the degree of economic dislocation and hardship caused by the moratorium than three or four days ago,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon coats[/url], said Reilly, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator under President George W. Bush.What changed? Reilly and Graham and the rest of the commission heard from a litany of witnesses who cited the crippling economic effect of even a temporary pause on deepwater drilling. Charlotte Randolph, the president of Lafourche Parish in southern Louisiana, told the panel that 9 out of the top 10 taxpayers in her region were part of the oil and gas industry. She reminded the commission that even a short-term moratorium could lead to oil companies pulling out drilling rigs and moving them elsewhere around the world, and she said that over time it could lead to the loss of 125,000 jobs in Louisiana. It wasn t just workers on the rigs—it was the companies that supported drilling, the restaurants where rig workers ate. We are at the epicenter of the drilling suspension, said Randolph. The spill has decimated the fishing industry, but the moratorium will end life as we know it in our parish. A Louisiana politician who supports the oil and gas industry is about as rare as gumbo in New Orleans. (OK, I m still working on my bayou analogies.) But even those whose lifestyle had been truly decimated by the spill—fishermen—still asked the commission to curtail the moratorium as soon as possible. David Camardelle, the mayor of Grand Isle in southern Louisiana, spoke of seeing his town—heavily dependent on the tourism industry—all but ruined by the oil spill. The people who bought summer houses in Grand Isle or filled its hotels haven t come back this year, and the shrimping industry that uses his town as a base might never recover. Please help us, Camardelle begged. Yet in the next breath he told the panel: We need to keep on drilling. From the outside that attitude might seem strange—certainly it did to me, at least at first. It was the careless of BP—abetted by a failure of regulation from the government—that directly led to the oil spill that has caused all this misery for southern Louisiana and much of the Gulf coast. If anyone would support a temporary ban to make absolutely sure that another spill of this magnitude never happens again, surely it would be the people who have borne the brunt of this one, right?But that ignores the economic importance that offshore drilling has for the state of Louisiana. Energy—in all its facets—contributes about $65 billion to Louisiana s $210 billion economy, compared to about $10 billion for fishing and tourism. It s horribly unfair but the fact that fishing and tourism is on its knees in southern Louisiana because of the spill only makes those remaining jobs in the oil and gas industry all the more valuable. (It s a bit like New York City,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon crop pants[/url], where Wall Street s greed may have helped cause the recession—yet the financial industry s tax revenues were so important to the city that its leaders still fought further regulation.)There is nothing else, at least not right now. And the state is accustomed to fishing, boating and drilling all happening side by side. Gulf coast residents like to say that their coast is a working coast, and you can see it,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon online sale[/url], where oil wells are next to wildife refuges, pelicans perch on offshore platforms and the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival is not an oxymoron.At the same time, the uncertainty caused by the spill—no one knows when it will end or what the long-term effects will be—has made residents even more nervous about any other changes, desperate for some solid ground. After the hearings I spoke to John Trumbaturi, a social worker in Palquemines Parish in southeastern Louisiana, home to many of the fishing families that have been devastated by the spill. He s been working with parents and kids in the area and he knows Related articles:


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ghing less than 4 ounces, the LG Xenon is no lightweight when it comes to giving the competitors a run for their money.
Designed to Perfection: Yes, perfect is the word that comes to mind when you look at the first four rows in the QWERTY keyboard that are just ideal for typing long messages. It is hard to think of any other device that provides such a wonderful setting of keypads that suits both the hard-handed and the touch typists. Further, the handiness on the keyboard has been further enhanced by providing shortcut keys for emailing, sending SMS, downloading your IM or dialing in to the contacts list. The overall design exudes durability, something that has been missing among other contemporary models in this category. The styling is neither too loud nor too understated, like mentioned before, it is just perfect. Users can easily tune the brightness and time-out of the screen display to save on battery life. Upon opening the keyboard, the view is automatically switched to landscape and most icons are rotatable, both in the portrait and landscape mode.
Other Features: The display boasts of 240 x 400 pixels and the screen is meant for some heavy-duty performance and is close to being scratch resistant. The entire touch screen usability is very responsive and icons tend to react to the slightest of touches from the fingertip. If you try to drag the web browser, it becomes easy to understand just how well this functionality performs. The biggest improvement that LG displays via the Xenon is the home screen that is presented in a three-page format along with a dedicated left, right and center metaphor. The main display provides a simple overview of general information. The home or the main screen has a rounded tab that contains a plethora of widgets which can be dragged out by the user. It offers 100 MB each for User & Flash memory and supports all types of messaging services, i.e. from the popular providers like Yahoo, AOL and Windows Live Messenger. The 3G speeds are quite impressive and even the quad-band GSM Xenon offers a very reasonable voice quality. Since it supports both 3G and HSDPA, the Xenon is compatible with a wide array of broadband services and it is easy to download streaming clips from news content providers like CNN. External memory is supported via SDHC microSD with a maximum capacity of 16GB. Bluetooth 2.0 networking features the new +EDR and can support two simultaneous connections.
Conclusion: The LG Xenon is attractively priced when compared to phones with similar features and specifications. It sports a highly intuitive user interface and its screen is reasonably sensitive to touch. Equipped with an average 2 megapixel camera and support for 3G network, the LG Xenon has not much to complain about.
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