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mlb jerseys

This is an interesting one. Now, I;m not a big fan of animal prints, save for my tiny soft spot for zebra, nor do I consider myself a fan of furry bags,[url=http://www.sbggames.com/mlb.html]mlb jerseys[/url], which inevitably bring up images of those gift bags with pink fur; yikes. But when I saw this Christian Louboutin Leopard-Print Clutch in person yesterday, it was pretty captivating. Maybe it;s the longer-than-usual length of the clutch,[url=http://www.onetoteonetree.org/node/12#comment-165334]cheap nfl jerseys usa[/url], or the big bow, or the leopard print (I thought it was leopard fur at first), but it catches your eye. As you know,[url=http://www.osuwrfc.com/nfljerseys.html]cheap nfl jerseys[/url], I;m not so sure how I like bows on bags; I don;t like bags to look like gifts. But here, I;m not fixated on the bow because it completes the clutch. Think about it: how naked would this clutch look without the bow,[url=http://www.dawnrichardblog.com/Baseball.html]baseball jerseys[/url], with just the print? Though I can;t see myself wearing it, I can see that it would look amazing with a slinky dress and sky-high heels, and it just seems like something that some celeb will inevitably pick up for a red-carpet walk. If anything, the material itself -leopard print on pony hair- seems pretty ingenious to me. Buy through Saks for $940.

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